Alternative Therapies & Holistic Needs

Nourish your soul, body, and mind with Gateway Healthcare holistic health services. Alternative therapies are any medical therapies that are different from traditional medicine techniques. Holistic health is your overall state of wellness on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It extends to everyone and everything that affects you, including your resources, environment, and relationships. We think outside the box and focus on various medical and therapeutic practices to manage a wide range of health concerns.

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Gateway Healthcare has doctors with a heart who care, who take time to help each person’s individual needs. Providing Natural and Holistic Approach to every problem.



Happy Customers


There are so many doctors and clinics out there but the way I found Dr. Mahrukh’s expertise was something beyond amazing. It was quite reassuring to get treated by someone who understands you on such a deep level.


Outside of their expertise in western medicine, the way they combine natural medicine and mental health is something out of this world. I thought there was no cure for my illness but Dr. Mahrukh’s holistic approach proved otherwise.


I could not be happier with my decision to have chosen Gateway Healthcare for my PCOs problem. The entire team has been great and the way they practice their holistic approach is one of the best things that makes them stand out from others