Early diagnosis of cardiac and respiratory diseases can help you manage the damage and reduce the risk of having a heart attack. Gateway healthcare provides state-of-art cardiopulmonary services with accurate and reliable results.

Our cardiopulmonary services include:

  • ABI (Ankle-Brachial) Index
  • Stress Test

ABI (Ankle-Brachial) Index

The ankle-brachial index test is a fast and noninvasive procedure your doctor may advise if he wants to check for peripheral artery disease (PAD). This condition occurs when narrowed arteries decrease the blood flow to your limbs. PAD can cause leg pain when you walk and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The ankle-brachial index test compares the blood pressure calculated at your ankle with the blood pressure calculated at your arm. If you have a low ankle-brachial index number, it indicates narrowing or blockage of the arteries in your legs.

Stress Test

Gateway healthcare offers stress testing with the most advanced equipment for diagnosing cardiovascular disorders. Also known as an exercise test or treadmill test, this test allows you to know how your heart works during physical movements.

In this test, you are asked to walk on a treadmill or run a stationary cycle, and at the same time, medical devices monitor your breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, and heart rhythm.

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There are so many doctors and clinics out there but the way I found Dr. Mahrukh’s expertise was something beyond amazing. It was quite reassuring to get treated by someone who understands you on such a deep level.


Outside of their expertise in western medicine, the way they combine natural medicine and mental health is something out of this world. I thought there was no cure for my illness but Dr. Mahrukh’s holistic approach proved otherwise.


I could not be happier with my decision to have chosen Gateway Healthcare for my PCOs problem. The entire team has been great and the way they practice their holistic approach is one of the best things that makes them stand out from others