Nutrition And Weight Loss Services

Weight Loss Services

Gateway healthcare offers a holistic weight loss program to help obese individualsdevelop lifelong weight management while boosting their confidence. Our competent team includes registered dietitians and health coaches, who provide participants with a personalized set of instructions in fitness and nutrition.

Our weight loss services include:

  • Hydro track therapy for weight loss
  • Algram appetite
  • Seasonal appetite
  • Weight loss by diet

Hydro Track Therapy For Weight Loss

Anyone can get rid of unwanted fat by using Gateway healthcare’s hydro track therapy services. Water is vital for a patient’s treatment, so hydrotherapy pools, saunas, thermal baths, and steam rooms are typically found in medical practices and training gyms. When you exercise in the cold pools, you get the added benefits of elevated circulation and cardio. If your goal is weight loss, this technique will diversify your exercise routine.

Seasonal Appetite

If you notice you eat more in winter, you are not alone. This season can upsurge your appetite while leaving you with extra pounds. Experts say our winter appetites can spin out of control as temperatures fall. Gateway Healthcare’s weight loss services can help with your seasonal cravings to keep you fit and healthy all year round.

Weight Loss By 1/3 Diet

Gateway Healthcare offers a comprehensive range of programs that provide the most extensive and integrated care to help our patients achieve and maintain their weight loss and wellness goals. Our dietitians review your diet and advise necessary changes to your diet. They are trained in all areas of nutrition and provide nutrition counseling to help prevent or control many conditions, including obesity and weight management issues.

Microbiome Testing

Looking after your gut health is way too necessary because it significantly affects your overall health and well-being. For example, the foods you eat change the composition of millions of bacteria lining your gut – the gut microbiome. In turn, the imbalance of good versus harmful bacteria in your gut can cause a whole host of issues such as anxiety, leaky gut, obesity, or even sleep disturbances. The microbiome has received much attention in the last decade, with more and more studies coming out. However, as microbiome testing is still in its infancy, it is essential to choose the right provider. Gateway Healthcare provides clinically relevant and research-backed bacterial testing. In addition, we will sequence all the foods you eat to figure out which ones are causing trouble and suggest other foods to improve your gut microbiome balance.

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There are so many doctors and clinics out there but the way I found Dr. Mahrukh’s expertise was something beyond amazing. It was quite reassuring to get treated by someone who understands you on such a deep level.


Outside of their expertise in western medicine, the way they combine natural medicine and mental health is something out of this world. I thought there was no cure for my illness but Dr. Mahrukh’s holistic approach proved otherwise.


I could not be happier with my decision to have chosen Gateway Healthcare for my PCOs problem. The entire team has been great and the way they practice their holistic approach is one of the best things that makes them stand out from others