Gateway Healthcare offers primary health care services intended to be direct, especially as the first step in obtaining most care. Primary care training evaluates and treats a broad spectrum of common conditions and provides commonly needed services. Typically, these services include scheduled preventative care, such as disease screening, counseling on healthy behaviors, and immunizations. It also includes treating and managing common conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, other immunological and allergic diseases, joint infections, minor injuries.

Primary Care Needs

The idea of a primary health need is mainly to decide whether the NHS or the local authority should meet someone’s health care needs. Primary healthcare means a person’s first contact with the health system when they have a health problem or not an emergency. It is the part of the health system that people use most and may be provided, for example, by a general practitioner (GP) or a physiotherapist.

Viral Syndrome

A viral syndrome is a term used for symptoms of an infection caused by a virus. Signs and symptoms may start gradually or suddenly and last from hours to days. Viruses are easily spread from person to person through the air and shared items.

Timely diagnosis and treatment are essential for successfully recovering from the life-threatening viral syndrome. Gateway Healthcare is dedicated to providing expert clinical care for patients with viral infections. We have a multidisciplinary group of professionals who work together to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with dangerous viral diseases.

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Happy Customers


There are so many doctors and clinics out there but the way I found Dr. Mahrukh’s expertise was something beyond amazing. It was quite reassuring to get treated by someone who understands you on such a deep level.


Outside of their expertise in western medicine, the way they combine natural medicine and mental health is something out of this world. I thought there was no cure for my illness but Dr. Mahrukh’s holistic approach proved otherwise.


I could not be happier with my decision to have chosen Gateway Healthcare for my PCOs problem. The entire team has been great and the way they practice their holistic approach is one of the best things that makes them stand out from others